I remember the first time I had an acupuncture treatment it was like being transported to another dimension, something I could not explain or understand but knew that I wanted more of. After five years in practice, I see my clients walk away with that same sense of mystery that to me had become almost taken for granted- second nature combined with too much intellectual understanding of point protocols and meridians. Until, that is, I met Gabriele Hoppe and Gabriel Stux. They added the Spirit, mystery and magic back into my relationship with Chinese Medicine. The learning here includes and yet completely transcends the intellect. Their classes are an experience not to miss!

Sheva Carr, L.Ac., Santa Monica

Gabriel and Gabi's courses have changed my life! Their particular form of energy work has made such a positive change in my health, peace of mind and my work. I try to attend every workshop I can. Each workshop continues to unfold a new jewel for me-
Dr. JoAnn Tall, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, President of Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine

My experience is a calling to return to home. I feel their energy is so inviting to my heart/soul that it just comes out to play. After attending a course, I find myself feeling as though I have spent time in recognition of my true self.

Shivani, L.Ac., Ojai, CA

During the two day course with Gabriel and Gabrielle, I found myself
struggling with the emotions of both loving the class and hating it! I was being forced to sit in silence for longs periods of time, allowing myself to feel and experience energy in a way I never had in the past. However, at the end of the two days I knew a new dimension of my mind and soul had been tapped into and those new parts remain with me today and I bring them into every aspect of my daily life.

Kym Garret, L.Ac

These Energy Healing courses have contributed immensely to my growth as a person and a practitioner. I feel fortunate to have these two as mentors – they are truly inspiring.

Lori Guynes, L.Ac.